Free Restaurant Database

Are you looking for up to date data of all Restaurants located in the United States? and that it doesn't cost you any dollars?

Just Restaurants?

No, this also includes data from:

  • American restaurant
  • Asian restaurant
  • Bar & grill
  • Barbecue restaurant
  • Beer store
  • Brewery
  • Butcher shop
  • Cake shop
  • Catering
  • Dutch restaurant
  • Hot dog stand
  • Pasta shop
  • Seafood restaurant
  • Supermarket
  • Vegetarian restaurant
  • Wok restaurant
  • Etc.


Each database includes these fields and more:

Address Field

The address is divided into several fields to facilitate any required filtering: Address (includes the number of the avenue, road, boulevard, street, etc.), city, county (parish / borough / municipality), state and country.

Web Site

The URL consists of the official website of the restaurant, corresponding to the city where it is located. Some restaurants have the same website, regardless of the city where they operate.


The phone includes the area code.

Geographic coordinate system Field

It is useful if you need to locate on a map the exact location of the bank, financial institution or ATM. This is done by means of the Latitude and Longitude fields.


Service provided by Restaurant or business. Examples:

  • drive-through
  • dine-in
  • delivery
  • takeout
  • Etc.

Is it free?

Yes, it's free, and you don't have to provide any email, credit card or anything, just select a format.

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  • Every month we add new data.