Simple Personal Loan Calculator with amortization schedule

This calculator includes all the internal calculations that the banks carry out under strict policies to totalize in an exact way: The Quota and The Interests according to the amount and to the term requested by the client.

Enter the Amount to be lent, the Interest Rate (without the percent sign), the number of months or years in which you plan to cancel it. And in case of making Extraordinary payments, type the amount. At the end click on "Calculate".

Ten Tips to Paying Off Your Mortgage Quicker

  • Consider refinancing your loan
  • Make sure your loan works for you
  • Look beyond the big banks
  • Make more frequent payments
  • Make your loan a priority
  • Know your entitlements
  • Pay off the principal
  • Keep your repayments steady
  • Consider an offset account
  • Do an annual loan health check

Six Tips to repay your loans Faster

How can one get out of this debt in the shortest amount of time?

  • Get organized
  • Consolidate and refinance
  • Offer more than the minimum payment
  • Earn extra money with a side hustle
  • Take advantage of tax deductions
  • Remember to save at the same time

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